2-axis comprehensive controller RCX320

The newest addition to RCX3 series.

RCX320  1 to 2 axis controller

Controllable robot: XY-X・FLIP-X・PHASER・YP-X

CE marking: ○

Field networks: Ethernet/IP, EtherCAT, CC-Link, DeviceNet, PROFINET, PROFIBUS

Operating method: Programming / Remote command / Operation using RS-232C communication

Points: 30000 points

Origin search method: Absolute / Incremental / Semi-absolute

01  The CPU processing capacity is increased approx. three times.

The CPU processing capacity is approximately three times faster than that of the conventional model RCX221/222. The control performance such as operation tracking or internal process time is improved greatly.

02  Synchronized control of multi-axis robots

Use of the inter-controller communication “YC-Link/E” makes it possible to control multiple robots such as Cartesian robots and SCARA robots synchronously. The YC-Link/E can be executed by the program of only the master controller. This contributes to great reduction of the system startup time. The “RCX320” and “RCX340” controllers support both the master and slave specifications, allowing you to construct a system flexibly.

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