Single axis robot controller SR1-X/SR1-P

Introduces the single-axis robot controllers SR1-X and SR1-P.

Single axis robot controller SR1-X/SR1-P

Controllable robots: SR1-X: FLIP-X, SR1-P: PHASER

Operating method: Program, Point trace,
Remote command, Online command

Points: 1000 points

Input power: AC100V / AC200V

Position detection: SR1-X Absolute/Incremental,
SR1-P Incremental/Semi-absolute


01  Diverse command methods

Select an optimal method from the different command methods including program operation, point trace, remote command, and on-line command. Program uses the YAMAHA SRC language resembling BASIC. Use it to execute a variety of operations ranging from simple tasks to I/O output and conditional branching, etc.

Technical documentation

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