Robot driver TS-SD

Robot driver TS-SD dedicated to the TRANSERVO series applicable to the pulse train input is introduced.

TS-SD  Pulse train input driver for single-axis robot “TRANSERVO”

Operating method: Pulse train control

Input power: Main power supply DC24V+/-10%
Control power supply DC24V +/-10%

Position detection method: Incremental

01  Available for all TRANSERVO series models

02  Detailed data can be set for each point

Settings such as acceleration, deceleration, zone output range, and position margin zone can be set for each point. Different operations can be easily specified by combining these settings with the above operation patterns.

Setting items:

Setting item Description
1Run typeSpecifies operation pattern such as ABS, INC, positioning, push, and point-to-point link.
2 Position Specifies position or distance to move.
3SpeedSpecifies maximum speed during operation.
4Accel.Specifies acceleration during operation.
5Decel. Specifies deceleration during operation (percentage of acceleration).
6PushSpecifies motor current limitation during pushing operation.
7Zone (−)Specifies upper and lower limits of "personal zone" for each point data.
8Zone (+)
9Near width Specifies position margin zone where "near width" output should turn on.
10JumpSpecifies next movement destination after positioning or linked destination for point-to-point operation.
11FlagSpecifies stop mode and others.
NPN Input: 16 points, 24VDC +/- 10%, 5.1mA/point, positive common
Output: 16 points, 24VDC +/- 10%, 50mA/point, sink type
PNP Input: 16 points, 24VDC +/- 10%, 5.1mA/point, negative common
Output: 16 points, 24VDC +/- 10%, 50mA/point, source type
CC-Link Supports CC-Link Ver. 1.10, remote device station (1 station)
DeviceNet DeviceNet slave node
EtherNet / IP * EtherNet/IP adapter (2 port)

Up to 16 controllers can be connected.

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