REECO RE-1200 dosing robot

Available in Classic and Premium versions

REECO RE-1200 dosing robot

Automatic laminate sheet/PCB positioning

Automatic, programmable dosing cycle for preparations/liquids

Programmable pressure and arm speed parameters

The device can work with different types of dosing valves


Possibility of dosing preparations of different densities by using optional dedicated valves

The device can be equipped with a 6-axis robot

Camera to verify reference points placed on a PCB or a laminate sheet

Camera for archiving visual data after or during the process

Możliwość wyposażenia urządzenia w kasetowy system filtracji oparów

01 Specification

02 Housing options

Light curtains are an additional option for the Reeco robot housing configuration.

Warning light curtains ensure work safety in high risk areas.

The invisible protective field ensures safety in hazardous areas. Interrupting the light beam results in immediate execution of the safe shutdown command. Thanks to the narrow design, the curtains allow you to create an ergonomic work environment in applications that require space saving.

The curtains are integrated into the robot, which in the event of human intervention during robot operation leads to immediate shutdown of the robot.

Product is individually configured to the client’s request.
Detailed information and answers to all questions can be obtained from our Technical Sales Advisors.

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