REECO RE-2100 soldering robot

Available in Classic and Premium versions.

REECO RE-2100 soldering robot

Automatic format/PCB positioning

Process parameters controlled by the PLC

Tin feeder with optional feeding profile configuration

Diameter of the handled binder: 0,8 mm | 1,0 mm | 1,2 mm

Accurate stabilization and temperature control of the soldering tip: +/-2°C

More than 40 different types of mechanical tip cleaner

Induction heated tip provides much faster heat transfer

Tip mechanical cleaner

It allows soldering components to connected paths with large mass fields

Professional soldering station enables 24/7 work

Modular durable device housing on a massive metal frame,
in accordance with the new EU directives

SMEMA communication enabling the operation of several devices in a line

01 Options

  • Nitrogen shielding capability
  • Camera to verify reference points
  • Color sensor for detecting lead/lead-free spools
  • Vision system for inspection after soldering process

02 Advantages

SMEMA communication enabling the operation of several devices in a line

Cooperation with solder wire with a diameter of 0.5 to 1.5 mm, both with and without a flux core

The machine is equipped with edge transport and SMEMA communication

Automatic tip cleaning station

03 Specification

04 Application examples

05 Housing options

Light curtains are an additional option for the Reeco robot housing configuration.

Warning light curtains ensure work safety in high risk areas.

The invisible protective field ensures safety in hazardous areas. Interrupting the light beam results in immediate execution of the safe shutdown command. Thanks to the narrow design, the curtains allow you to create an ergonomic work environment in applications that require space saving.

The curtains are integrated into the robot, which in the event of human intervention during robot operation leads to immediate shutdown of the robot.

05 Technical documentation

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