REECO RE-2200 dosing robot

REECO RE-2200 dosing robot

REECO robots are ready – made solutions. Each robot is a fully automated, independent unit that can be implemented into an existing or newly built production line

REECO industrial robots do not require any advanced design, planning or integration processes and their operation requires no expertise or experience

Each REECO robot is a separate process that can be easily automated

Automatic workpiece positioning (mechanical or vision system)

Possibility of dosing adhesives, acrylics, silicones and coatings

Valves for selective spray coatings

01 Specification

Valves for selective spray coatings

Various types of medium containers (from 10 cl to 200 kg) can be used

Inline transport of the used workpiece

Modular design of the unit

Possibility to control the varnishing profile depending on the detected workpiece

Possibility to work in an automatic line with other devices

Technical data of the application depends on the type of valve used

02 Advantages

Vision system for workpiece positioning

Vision system for dosing/coating quality control

Two-component media systems

Volumetric dosing systems

Statistical data available via OPC UA protocol

Possibility of introducing product traceability

Possibility of replacing the soldering head with ones of other functionalities

03 Gallery

04 Technical documentation

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