REECO RE-2400 labeling robot

REECO RE-2400 labeling robot

REECO robots are ready-made solutions. Each robot is a fully automated, independent unit that can be implemented into an existing or newly built production line

REECO industrial robots do not require any advanced design, planning or integration processes and their operation requires no expertise or experience

Each REECO robot is a separate process that can be easily automated

01 Specification

Automatic workpiece positioning

Printout parameters controlled by the PLC

Printer resolution 305 dpi (12 dots/mm) or 609 dpi (24 dots/mm)

Printer capable of printing labels from 7 to 58 mm wide

Label vacuum gripper adjustable to the size of the label

Camera to verify that the label is accurately positioned and the printout is correct

Capable of handling products in panels

02 Technical documentation

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