YK-XE series SCARA robot


Robot Scara

YK-XE series SCARA robot

Efficiency In Production. For improved efficiency and reliability in production at affordable price.

Arm length: 400 to 710 mm

Maximum payload: 4 to 10kg

01 Improvement of productivity by high-speed operation

A standard cycle time of 0.41 sec. is achieved by drawing out the robot performance to its maximum level. By reviewing the arm structure, the vibration is reduced and the motion is optimized to shorten the standard cycle time. High-speed, less-vibration, and agile operation contributes to improvement of the productivity.

Konfiguracja robota Scara standard seria YK-XG

02 Application examples SCARA Standard YK-XG series

Maximum load capacity is 1.4 times that of the standard model.

Thanks to completely redesigned drive system and arm design, the maximum load capacity of the YK400XE is now 4 kg. It is 1.4 times larger than the current economical SCARA version, which extends the range of possible applications.

03 Affordable price and better performance

Both the high operation performance and affordable price are achieved. Production equipment with high cost performance can be constructed.

04 Better performance in tracking

Tracking accuracy is improved by using optimal parameters for the performance area (area of ​​actual use) parameters and improving the performance of the “RCX340” controller. Robot is optimal for precise assembly and sealing.

05 In Yamaha YK-XE series Acceleration/Deceleration is optimized automatically

The optimal acceleration and deceleration are automatically selected from the arm posture at the time of operation start and the arm posture at the time of operation end. The motor peak torque or the tolerable peak torque of the speed reducer is not exceeded by inputting only three parameters*. The full power of the motor is always output to maintain the high acceleration/deceleration.

*Payload, R-axis moment of inertia, and offset amount of R-axis moment of inertia

06 Compatible with various field networks

Robot is compatible CC-Link, EtherNet/IP™, DeviceNet™, PROFIBUS, PROFINET i EtherCAT.

07 Easier operation in combination with the RCX340 controller

RCX340 comprehensive controller brings out maximum potential of YK400XE robot system. Optional integrated vision system “iVY2” provides simplified image processing. Choice of PC Programming Software or Teaching Pendant available.

08 Drop-In upgrade by common platform design

The installation position of the YK400XE-4 is fully compatible with that of the conventional model YK400XR. This ensures easy replacement work.

09 Reliability backed by 43-year experience of SCARA robot development

Originally developed in-house to provide durable and accurate motion control in harsh environment of motorcycle manufacturing, Yamaha SCARA robot has been “road tested” and proven over 43 years in various fields.

10 Application examples

Technical documentation

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