Tiny SCARA robots (Extra small)

Introduces the Extra small SCARA robots.

Tiny SCARA robots

Only this robot has a completely beltless structure in its class. The robot is super-compact, but achieves the overwhelming high-rigidity and high-accuracy.

Arm length: 120 to 220 mm

Maximum payload: 1 kg

01 Standard type SCARA robots YK-XG configuration

Konfiguracja robota Scara standard seria YK-XG

02 Standard type SCARA robots YK-XG application examples

Machine for arranging and moving tall objects
Stacking tall objects using the long Z axis

Scara przenoszenie przedmiotów

Independent assembly system
Basic machine for independent assembly

Scara montaż niezależny

Line assembly system

Scara montaż liniowy

Mounting system for special purpose tester
It is possible to place the robot between two rotary tables

Scara montaż testera

Technical documentation

Funkcje       Specyfikacja

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