Robot vision iVY2 (RCX340)

A robot-integrated vision system that only the robot manufacturer Yamaha could create.
Robot integration provides overwhelming ease of use.

Robot vision iVY2 (RCX340)

“Plug-and-play” simplicity.
YAMAHA’s own unique solution for integrated robot vision.

Supported controllers: RCX 340

Number of screen pixels: 300,000/1,300,000/5,000,000

Model setting capacity: 254 models


Easy to use, and reduces the number of steps

Adding “eyes” to a robot significantly expands the range of applications.

Various application examples

Labeling device (affixing labels to food packages)

– Industry: food
– Robot used: YK500TW omnidirectional robot
– ADVANTAGE: Even if the incoming workpieces are irregularly spaced or positioned, labels can be affixed at the same position.

Sealant touch-up (engine block sealant)

– Industry: automotive
– Robot used: SXYX Cartesian robot
– ADVANTAGE: Even if the workpiece is skewed from its correct position, the skew and angle are detected, and the application path is automatically compensated.

Screw attachment position detection (television panel screw attachment)

– Industry: electronics
– Robot used: NXY Cartesian robot
– ADVANTAGE: Hole position is detected, and screws are fastened accurately.

Position compensation with upward-facing camera (installing irregularly-shaped parts on a circuit board)

– Industry: electronics
– Robot used: YK150XG SCARA robot
– ADVANTAGE: The roughly-positioned circuit board connector is picked up, the upward-facing camera is used to apply position compensation, and the part is mounted directly on the circuit board.


Our goal: “A vision system that anyone can use easily, even for the first time”

01 Auto-calibration

Requires as little as 5 minutes

Easily complete high-precision calibration just by following a wizard! Even if equipment becomes misaligned, execute auto-calibration and resume operation.

02 Easy workpiece registration

Requires as little as 3 minutes

From image acquisition, registration takes just three steps.

03 No need to make time-consuming connection settings. Dramatic reduction in setup time.

Comparison of setup time.

04 No need to create a coordinate conversion program.

Dedicated robot language for vision is provided.

05 Easy inter-operation with peripheral equipment.

The same controller provides unified control of robot, gripper, and lighting.

06 Also supports moving camera.

Even if the camera is mounted on the robot, coordinates are automatically converted according to the robot’s movement.


Megapixel camera supports high precision and wide field of vision. Conveyor tracking reaches 100 CPM.

01 Conveyor tracking

Ideal for “high-speed packaging” “arrangement” “high-speed transport of multiple types of items” such as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and food products.

The vision camera detects the position and orientation of parts moving on the conveyor, and the robot picks them up.

02 Control multiple robots for even more improvement in production efficiency.

03 Approximately double the search speed (compared to previous model)

Even numerous workpieces can be detected at high speed The search speed is approximately double that.

The search speed is approximately double that of the previous model. Even a large number of workpieces can be detected at high speed. This can be used for a wide variety of applications, including molded plastic parts or food items.

04 Easy workpiece registration

Requires as little as 3 minutes

05 Stable workpiece detection

Detailed edge detection is possible even if workpieces are touching each other or have a complex shape.

06 Decreased number of search detections

A single search allows detection even for a large workpiece, improving takt.

07 254 types can be registered

Setup changes are easy

Setup changes require only that part numbers be changed.

08 Monitor output is provided

Monitor the operating status

Monitor the search status while making calibration settings or during automatic operation.

Contents of output

Selected type / Captured image
Search result (position, score, scale)
Executed command
Time required by command

Output method

DVI-I (supports digital monitor or analog monitor)

09 High-precision search even under low light

Edge search engine is built-in

Supports a variety of applications while being minimally affected by the external environment.


You have the assurance of support that can be provided only by Yamaha, the robot manufacturer. You can rely on us both before installation and after installation.

01 Preparatory evaluation and advice give you peace of mind

We borrow the workpiece from you, evaluate it, and submit an evaluation report. In addition, we draw on our wealth of experience and evaluation results to provide advice and training regarding selection and installation of robots and peripheral equipment.

02 Choose freely from Yamaha’s lineup of robots

A low-cost and convenient robot vision system can be constructed using the models that are optimal for the customer’s application.

Technical documentation

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